Company Overview

Advanced Solutions was established in 1997 and has developed a reputation as a leading consultancy with extensive experience of developing state-of-the-art solutions that work. Our approach is based on academic rigour, combined with wide practical experience of implementing successful change in some of the worlds leading organisations.


We provide a wide range of leadership programmes from Supervisor training to researching, designing and delivering a Global Leadership Programme for Leaders of one of the world's largest 'Blue Chip' pharmaceutical companies.


The first advisors for the British Government in post-apartheid South Africa tasked with developing and delivering cultural change, in particular with the South African Police Service. Designing and delivering 'Leading Change', a managerial capacity to create and sustain change in a leading consultancy. Advising leaders of the Government's 'Welfare to Work' initiative.


Our approach to Coaching is proactive. In our view Coaching should not be a passive process, where the coach only sits and listens to the client, but rather a two-way interactive process that really assists executives to deal with specific issues and provides them with tools and techniques that will make a difference.


Designing and implementing a people-orientated internal two-way communication process known as Team Talk.

Developing High Performance Teams

Working with diverse teams including project based, multi-national and senior management teams. We use Moderation a German concept that revolutionizes Decision Making and Problem Solving and ensures consistency, buy-in, is target orientated and generates action.

Assessment and Development Centres

'Cutting Edge' Assessment and Development Centres that can achieve a 20% improvement in performance without any training intervention.


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